Who is Business Vibe for?

We interview profitable entrepreneurs and founders, extracting lessons that YOU can implement in your own business. 

If your'e looking to...

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Why was Business Vibe started?

Hey, my name is Corey. I started Business Vibe for one reason...

When I was growing up we were very poor. Think tiny trailer house, food stamps, and a vehicle that came with a tetanus shot after every drive (it was a rust bucket.) 

"There has to be more?!" I thought.

Fast forward to my mid 20s when I finally got my “dream job.” But was it? People in their mid 60s and early 70s were retiring, people telling them, “your life is just beginning!” These new retirees looked terrible. They were cripple, tired, and in the worst of health, their lives were far from starting… They have 9 toes in the grave! Maybe working for 40+ years before finding any type of freedom wasn’t the way…

I’m on a mission to find the people that are creating businesses that give them financial freedom. To share their stories, lessons, and mindset. Building isn’t easy, let’s learn together.